Needed: Girl Coders

Looking for Girls Who Code to help launch my business! Any girl in North America ages 10-19 can take part in this unique learning opportunity to help the Naturally Expecting Mom Co launch its first app.

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Looking for Girls Who Code (remote job)

I am looking for a girl or group of girls to help develop the first generation of the Expecting app! This is a learning opportunity available to any girl in North America between the ages of 10-19. 

I started this company because of my deep appreciation for mothers and the innate female energies we carry as women. Part of what I'd like to offer through the Naturally Expecting Mom Co is growth opportunity for young females around the world. After considering my options, and while I try to secure funding, I've decided to invite girls to be involved in the start of this business. 

With my design background, I've had several (missed) opportunities to learn code. Some of my jobs required basic knowledge, but my roles in technology typically live in the design, research, UX, and strategy spheres. As I look forward to launching this app I've decided it's also time for me to learn code. But working full time while mindfully raising young kids will prevent me from learning at the pace that's required.

Realizing this, I am turning to girls who code! 

It's important that every aspect of my business be intentional and I'm taking a new pledge to community. I intend to find ways to support young girls, budding entrepreneurs, and in-need families as I create a company for expectant mothers and their babies.

- I live and work in Minnesota but welcome girls from all North American time zones to apply.
- The first step is having a video chat to meet each other, ask questions, etc.
- A second meeting will take place to go through all the current designs and launch strategy.
- While I will learn some coding, I'm interested in splitting up the work. (For example: Maybe myself and one girl works on an Android app, while a different set of girls work on the iOS app.)
- We plan to launch this spring, 2017! Apply soon :)

If you or a girl you know are interested in this opportunity to build an app and launch this business, please inquire below.

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