Everyday Angel Collection By Heatherlee

"We are Everyday Angels"

(^^^ One of the best lines Jewel ever wrote.)

I created this collection to celebrate everyday angels. It's for the dreamers, the indigo kids, the misfits and the healers who live and give on earth.

Each bracelet purchase comes with a gift box and passage from the book Angel Encounters - True Stories of Divine Intervention by Karen Goldman. A small story you can carry. A reminder of the divine love around us. A thank you to the everyday angels guiding us. A reminder of your own graceful power.

See I believe we are called to be everyday angels. To give a smile, a dollar or a helping hand. To catch someone as they fall. To grieve with someone or inspire someone.

We can actively be there to build with someone, care for someone. To guide someone or to save someone. To be the ears, the heart and the mirror for someone else, for ourselves.

The human experience, especially as females and as moms, is about bringing light, compassion and unity. It's about connecting with our truest, highest gifts and loving others.

When you wear this bracelet I hope you feel connected to a greater collaborative. Feel loved and empowered. Feel joy. Know nothing can stop that bold, beautiful way you move about this universe.

Believe in your natural born greatness.

You know they say.. we're all made out of the same stardust. You should be feeling it by now.. we are all one. No matter your religion or lack thereof, we are spiritual beings, put here together, on this earth, during this time. We weren't meant to go it alone.

So let's be everyday angels together.

With Love & Gratitude,
Heatherlee Nguyen



The Everyday Angel collection is exclusively sold at Healing Elements Wellness in St. Paul, MN. To get in touch before or after a purchase or to leave a review please fill out the form below. 

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Where to buy it

Healing Elements
2290 Como Ave,
St Paul, MN 55108