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911 reflection // "They can't take that freedom from us."

  *Also posted on Linkedin.

*Also posted on Linkedin.

I recently visited NYC with my 6 year old, what an emotional time to be there. As we visited Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, the 911 Memorial, and Fearless Girl I realized there's so much I want to explain to him about our family's history in America.


I couldn't find an eloquent way to talk about freedom and how people have to flee to be free. I couldn't explain my tears as we walked past the richest buildings and the poorest people he's ever seen. Or why being in Strawberry Field meant so much to me.

He didn't live through 911 like me. He doesn't realize my dad had to leave his home country, live on a boat and learn a new life. He didn't quite understand the two big holes where the towers used to be. 

And I have no idea what things will look like when he's my age. But I do know it's my privilege and duty to share OUR story, OUR truth no matter what he learns in history books and through media.

I may never have the perfect answers when my kids ask about this stuff, but I'll keep trying to show them we are freedom fighters, we are peaceful warriors, we are givers of love and fighters of hate. 

They can't take that freedom from us.

Remember that today and always.
You are free. 
And you can do A LOT with that. 

Take that privilege to heart.



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