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The beauty is in the fall..

To see the unexpected beauty in things, to understand why so much goes into what we experience we must consider nature. A waterfall for example.. It’s not the water up top people pay attention to. Or really the water collected below.

It’s the fall..
The beauty is in the fall. It’s the freedom, the truth and the bravery in the water. As it moves from great heights to lows.. its the conjoining of water droplets into a body of water, a whole. It’s the distance. The positive and negative space between point A and point B. 

Its the sound..
Without the fall, there’s no beautiful aquatic music. No crashing of the waves. No ambiance. Without the fall there’s no rhythmic vibration.. no songs to savor. No splash.

It’s the rocks..
Without the surrounding structure how does the fall happen? How can the basin collect? How does the water travel? Without roots or support a waterfall cannot exist.

It’s the ripple..
Without the fall, there are no bubbles. There’s no traveling, no rippling, no movement. Without the splash how do viewers feel it, become one with it? Relate to it? Without the fall the water sits still.. 

And we all know life is not about sitting still. 

Life is about movement. And freedom. It’s about seeing the beauty and the purpose in everything. Like water we are meant to change, and run.. run down high cliffs, free fall, change direction.. never be in the same place. To be constantly in motion, embracing the natural flow.

So next time you’re ready to take a leap remember the waterfall. Remember, it’s the beauty in the fall. It’s the falling of the water, it’s the sound it makes as it connects with the water below, it’s the rocks making it possible and its the ripples that keep it going.. 

It’s being something, someone, up top.. free-falling, leaping, and meeting yourself, your new self, at the bottom. Now more complete. More whole and more connected. 

Let yourself fall, and find the beauty in it.
Others will too.


With love,


Heatherlee is a fearless mom, designer, artist and community maker in St. Paul, MN. She's a doula-in-training, apprentice energy worker and life long learner interested in wellness, social entrepreneurship and the intersection of culture, consciousness and creativity. More about Heatherlee's entry into women's health and birth work, and her career milestones so far.