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Ladies I Love: Dai (aka dad's mom)

 Heatherlee with her Vietnamese grandmother and mom.

Heatherlee with her Vietnamese grandmother and mom.

This is me and my gramma. There is so much to say about this woman. She's a mom who had to flee her home country, where she lost 3 children, a home and I'm sure part of her heart. She's an immigrant who's buried her husband and her adult son in a land that doesn't fully speak her language.

She's a momboss who's birthed 10 children, including my dad the "cabbage patch" kid who was born in the family garden. 

She's an inspiration to me in so many ways. I know I get strength from both my grandmothers, and more than ever I felt a deeper connection to my asian lineage during my pregnancies. I always feel so proud and honored to be part of this family. The tree is full of strong women I probably have yet to learn about. But I do know that my grandmother has taught me more about life and my own abilities as a mother than I think I even realize.

I'm in awe of her. The faith and beauty she exudes despite all the loss she's experienced is admirable, for me heroic. It's something I'll always carry with me. 

Thank you gramma <3


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