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Ladies I Love: Zahra

 Heatherlee Nguyen (momboss on left) Zahra Rahman (momboss on right) August 2015

Heatherlee Nguyen (momboss on left) Zahra Rahman (momboss on right) August 2015

This is me and Zahra almost 2 years ago! I love, love LOVE this woman. She is changing my life.. In its simplest form, by just being in it, and on its deepest level by putting a mirror to my pain and empowering me to reach deeper and live lighter through every storm. She's guiding me to get truer and truer to myself and she's influencing a more mindful motherhood, an art often lost.

She's a peacock. Beautifully brown and bursting with colors, holding the most power over her own happiness than anyone else I know. She learned not to hide yet walk toward fear. Burst through the bullshit. Kick off the dirt.

She's humble, strong, quietly confident. Always transforming. Turning dirt into seeds, dark into light. I can learn so much just by hearing her tell a story, by sharing 5 minutes with her. I get inspired every time she lets me in and so grateful when she listens.

A true gem of a friend.
Thank you Z <3





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