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"Mr. Man, we light up the world!" (A spoken word poem I almost didn't share)

December was a dark month that forced me (and countless others) into deep reflection and almost, hopelessness. I felt a sense of rebirth in January though, and one day, I scribbled off a poem as I finally brought my emotions to the surface. 

I sent it to my friend in Melbourne, who's been following US politics and who urged me to post publicly. At the time, I felt it was just something I needed to get out. But after hearing Valarie Kaur's Sikh prayer today (embedded below), after seeing all the #IWD2017 tweets and in being completely honest about who I want to be.. I decided, I want to be the type of woman who uses her voice fully.

And now's the time to share.

I wrote this to help the world realize that the healing part is coming. The change is coming. The breakthrough is on its way.. 

I wrote this to share hope. I wrote this to feel better about my own emotions. I wrote this to feel more connected to the women out there who don't know what's going to happen but who still stand taller each day, with more and more love to give.

I wrote this to remind our president and everyone else of his full capacity for love and acceptance. And if enough of us shine our light into the dark, the hate that divides us will turn to love.

Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to share the full audio version of this. But for now... read it to yourself. Believe that we're on our way, and ALWAYS challenge that fear, that fear you have of using your voice fully and proudly, to join a conversation that matters.

No more fear for this Momboss! 
With that... here's my poem..

Mr. Man, we light up the world!

Mr. man..
I would never hate your tan
Or your chub or your flair
No, I don’t hate
when I don’t know
when you’re so far
and you too bleed
just like me
If it’s “I” then
it’s “we”
and right now I’m free
to be me
and here, with my family
full of good, full of love
we stand above
we work hard
and unite
and we’ll fight
and as of late
it’s out of sight
but mr. man- it is flawed
it’s bleeding hate
your big man laws
for all the gold and glory
another untold story
horror and pain, lives crashed
told to leave, not “we"
merciless abandonment in one big flash
destroyed & trashed
after years and fears
of sweat and tears
making shit for your veneers
for your dollar, and your gold
you never hold
dear the very fabric of your
wonderful country
under all that money
is there a soul, or are you a ghost?
A man of distant hate
opening the box
fueling more hate
for what rebate? what’s the win
a divided people, more war stories
more fake news?
we’ll all lose
and that counts you
see this won’t work..
my brown people love you
hate if you will
my black people love you
hate if you will
my yellow people love you
hate if you will
my mixed people love you
hate if you will
my muslim people love you
the hate is on chill
cuz mr. man we don’t
we don’t glisten
in hate and harm
no we are armed
in love and togetherness
so fuck your pretentiousness
I don’t see see white
I see flight
because unlike me
you don’t really bleed
you don’t really see
and unlike us
you don’t run the show
from the crowd
is where change sews
try to make us slow
but we are colored
and proud
and we go loud
we don’t sit down
we come around
to walk with flowers
with our mothers and our daughters
and we’ll outnumber
the squanderers
reach new meanings of love
when we turn your vile
into something light
something right
worth the fight
tightly rolled in love for all
we stand tall
and we don’t fall
over your policy of disrespect
trite contempt is no wall
made of glass we break through
we always do
the people of many nation
always going that extra mile
so save your smile
you comfy now
but mr. man that tan will fade
that hate from your mouth
soon it will invade and persuade
that darkest part of you
to turn around and praise
every being
worth seeing
no matter color or clothes
your doors once closed
will open wide
as you collide
with compassion
with acceptance
with respect
and with love
even you can hug
even you can change
so what do you say
shall we stop the nonsense
and get to a place
where worthiness is not
the look of one’s face
it’s not race
we are one
we can all come
or go
or show
the beautiful ways
we light up the world..

[A spoken word poem by Heatherlee Nguyen]

I hope you take something from this... for only lightness beats the dark.

Here's Valarie's spoken word truth and uplifting message for the world. It's women like her that help me be brave enough to share the stories I do. Please watch this and share.

And if you haven't heard this... check out one of my favorite new artists, the young & free Alessia Cara who wrote this great song (now my girlboss anthem). ON REPEAT - seriously get your lady bosses together, grab your daughters and keep dancing to this beat! 

Till next time..



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