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(poesía 1) Mom poems

Last year I wrote poetry every day. Usually at the end of night or right after an awesome moment. Here's a handful you women and moms out there may appreciate. I wrote for my babies, about my babies, about my crazy love for moms of past.

I wrote about some ladies I adore and I remember each of these powerful moments profoundly, which is the beauty in writing every day. 

Enjoy :)

Her mother and mothers before
A vast undertaking explored.
Nine months of utopia, baby!
..a life full of love crazy
from wise mothers of mothers adored.
Training wheels that wobble on a slant.
Mom knows you can but you think can’t
Take it from a late bloomer
You’ll speed to greatness much sooner
If you embrace the wobble cuz you can!
Attraction. Light. Creating & Sight
Women surrounding a creative flight…
She does for herself, she does for others
Inspired acrylics for sisters & mothers.
Inspired. Distraction. Her righteous light.
Naturally nurturing the naive and harmed
Cheerfully selfless with crystal-like charm…
Her hands, her heart, she cares she loves
Sent from graceful gardens of love
Angelic and healing, their feminine charm.
She loves life with every breath
Smelling flowers every step
thankful wise as learned in tests
Sage and eucalyptus scents…
Her vibes are high in every breath.

Songs inside a love full nest-
Blue & berry family crest.
Lego puzzles goof the boy,
Magic books like mommy’s toy,
The kitty purrs & girlie nods…
While dad is dreamt in fishing rods.
Puzzles, magic – house of joy.
The wind, the seas they move for you
The tide is strong, forgiving too
No rain cloud, storms can falter you
The sun she shines and flowers you
Your sky of stars they shine for you

The beaming lights
They thank you too.
Feline nature of artistic retreats,
Nine lives with no fear- clawing defeats.
Moon up sun down- heart high in its beats.
Dreams being built as the moonlight cheats..
Beams of light as she runs to her dreams.
One baby cries and one baby sleeps,
One baby cries and one baby screams.
Joyful expressions even in the cry,
I am your mother i do not ask why,
I am your mother I come when you cry.
Beautiful boy with brown eyes wide
So happy a mommy having you by my side
Seeing your heart grow, seeing you a big bro
You are my happy and your happy boy glows
So long as you’re young I’m here by your side..

I’ll keep you safe till you’re ready to fly.
Breast milk mustache & sunrise eyes,
My precious gemstone, my baby.. her eyes..
Blue & bright, with notes of divine
Blue at night, with childish rhyme..
My baby blue, those sapphire eyes.
Women strong, pushing on- founding heights, facing wars,
Challenging rules and opening doors.
Women fierce, binding bonds-
Frida, Lucy and Malala strong
Paving ways and painting songs,
they live on, they live on..

Surviving shots,
standing tall
Women strong
living long.
Hurried demands of mothers and dads
Navigating apps of new rules and fads
Less & less reminders that you actually kick ass
Except the wee ones who will urge smiling laughs
The unbiased advisors for young moms and dads

…Kids too rare to raise on fads.


About to get back to it!

In fact, I think every parent should top of the day with some poetry. Read it, write it.. keep feeding that soul. I challenge you to write a quick rhyme every day for a while, see what happens :)

With love,



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