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It's a mom thing.

Today is the last day of lunchbox drawings for a while, the boy is trying hot lunch! And to think I was just getting my groove on.. Yesterday he came home asking me for two extra pictures after I drew him Princess Poppy from Trolls. The kids LOVE the Trolls right? How could I say no? 

When I posted on Facebook today I found out how many of my mom friends are doing some version of this for their kid. Some of my friends are artists and I expected it while others totally surprised me. My cousin told me she's been doing it since K3 and that she got all the other parents to do it for their kids.

 Check out my cousins' crazy cool lunch notes for her daughter!

Check out my cousins' crazy cool lunch notes for her daughter!

That's incredible! It reminded me that as mothers we are all natural born creatives. It's so heartwarming to know how many kids get some lunchtime love. To think I was embarrassed to share this..  [eye roll]. 

Why do I hold back celebrating the good stuff?
The whole mom vs. mom thing really gets me. I feel afraid to be judged and I hate admitting that. But after opening up and sharing one simple story I felt more connected to the moms around me.

That's ultimately why I do this. I'm going to keep posting our little stories and my little wins as a mom because it's worth celebrating. In reality, sharing is caring.

So when you find things that help you relate to other families and lets you connect with more moms.. share it! Celebrate it! Lean all in, and don't second guess yourself. It absolutely takes a village. Us moms must remain connected, creative storytellers.. so don't you dare lose your voice.

And remember, you're a momboss.. No matter what you fear other people think! 

With Love-


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Note from the author: I strive to live in a way that empowers people and creates an open space for love and light. We are content being a little bit different, a little off-beat, and all the way happy :)

Mental and spiritual health is extremely important to me as a mom. I believe in preventative wellness and the healing power of meditation. I believe in informed decision making and listening to your body and heart.

I'm not perfect or certified in anything really. So, thanks for accepting me as I grow and learn and write from my perspective. I hope this blog brings me closer to finding and creating the things moms need. And above all that you're inspired to be yourself.

Now go mom like a boss!
(Whatever that means to you).

With love, Heatherlee


Heatherlee is a fearless mom, designer, artist and community maker in St. Paul, MN. She's a doula-in-training, apprentice energy worker and life long learner interested in wellness, social entrepreneurship and the intersection of culture, consciousness and creativity. More about Heatherlee's entry into women's health and birth work, and her career milestones so far.