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For our daughters and hers.. A time capsule for future female empowerment

Strong women, strong society

I believe that now more than ever women worldwide are standing taller, reaching further and empowering change. The march for women's rights never sleeps. Despite what we feel at this very moment, we should praise every single woman that came before us. Celebrate every win.

It’s never been perfect and it will always be hard. But progress takes many forms, and we should all remember how far we’ve come no matter how much further we have to go.
— #WomensRights
We keep fighting not only for us but especially for those nameless, faceless women who need to feel our strength coming through.
— #HumanRights

Let's be reminded that we have torn down walls, we have raised our voices and we have forced change where there was once heartache.

There are strong women in all corners of the world from all walks of life. Women beating all odds, throughout all of time.

So what's your story?
How have you risen up?

 Check out Emily Deechaleune, her art inspires girl power, world peace, inner peace and love for all. >> Her  instagram !

Check out Emily Deechaleune, her art inspires girl power, world peace, inner peace and love for all. >> Her instagram!

Be part of this collective time capsule for future girls everywhere

I'm looking for YOUR perspective. I'm looking for YOUR empowering words to include in a time capsule collection for our future daughters and hers. 

Imagine your daughters' daughters and granddaughters... what would you tell them? What should the women of our future know about the women of now?

Later this year I will be showcasing all of our collective quotes in a post and through a week-long digital art event. I'll make your quote Instagram ready and email you when it's live. Submit a quote today to be part of the Future Female Empowerment collection! Let your voice be heard.

Submit a quote

When I was a girl I dreamed..
We used to be told..
They said girls who looked like me can't..
We used to be banned from..
They told us black girls couldn't be..

but now,
but now,
BUT NOW!.....

I feel proud to be a woman when..
I empower my girls by..
I no longer take crap for..
I no longer hide from..
Us women made ___ happen..
I almost gave up but then...

Let's hear it ladies! 

*All quotes will be turned into an Instagram image and featured here on International Women's Day+.
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 Image source: Health Foundations Birth Center,  Twitter  

Image source: Health Foundations Birth Center, Twitter 



Heatherlee is a fearless mom, designer, artist and community maker in St. Paul, MN. She's a doula-in-training, apprentice energy worker and life long learner interested in wellness, social entrepreneurship and the intersection of culture, consciousness and creativity. More about Heatherlee's entry into women's health and birth work, and her career milestones so far.


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Note from the author: I strive to live in a way that empowers people and creates an open space for love and light. We are content being a little bit different, a little off-beat, and all the way happy :)

Mental and spiritual health is extremely important to me as a mom. I believe in preventative wellness and the healing power of meditation. I believe in informed decision making and listening to your body and heart.

I'm not perfect or certified in anything really. So, thanks for accepting me as I grow and learn and write from my perspective. I hope this blog brings me closer to finding and creating the things moms need. And above all that you're inspired to be yourself.

Now go mom like a boss!
(Whatever that means to you).

With love, Heatherlee