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Kids + Mindfulness // A flower funeral (activity)


Who says teaching kids about mindfulness has to be so.. boring?

Get creative. Meditation can take so many forms. I find myself constantly coming up with new ways to bring mindfulness into our home. My latest is inspired by the fact I never used to buy flowers. I didn't like the idea of something slowly dying in my home, away from nature. But the pretty bouquets been catchin my eye. I figure if they're going to die I might as well adopt them & show them love in their last days.

I posted this kid approved activity below on my Instagram. Hope it inspires something new in your home!


1. Return to nature
When your flowers start dying indoors put your vases outdoors.. I like to think of it as returning them to nature, letting them die near home.

2. Create circles (touch, smell)
After a few days pull em off their stems & make a mandala on the grass, in the dirt.. sit on earth! Touch and appreciate every petal. Check out the bugs who've taken bites and nestled under petals. Love the colors as they fade and the softness as it folds.

Even in death they are beautiful.


3. Make fun
See what kind of fun you and your kids can create with your new flower mandala! Ask the kids, just let it flow. They'll most likely have ideas. My kids start running around in circles like it's some sort of bonfire. My two year old practices counting and colors. 

Sure, it's a mindfulness activity but to the kids, it's just plain ole fun :)

4. Visualization
Leave your mandala where it is.. Watch how the creatures come visit the site as the petals slowly fade away with the wind.. squirrels, rabbits, birds. They're attracted to the beauty. They know very intimately this pattern of life, circular, spiraling, infinite.

Practice visualization. Sit in a circle around your mandala and close your eyes.. talk about the animals you want to see. Maybe you'd like to invite a Turkey. Maybe you want to see a deer. Use your imaginations! 

Every living thing big or small
matters in this crazy beautiful world..
slow down & appreciate
the little things

We leave the mandala just as we left it for days and days seeing new creatures come and go. It lives on for weeks.. and it always brings new surprises.

With this activity, you will have taught your kids about death, rebirth, mindfulness, nature and more.. without even talking about it. A simple activity you can incorporate during any season. Your kids will learn how to appreciate nature, how to thank other living things and how to be mindful in their actions. They will love it!

Do you do something similar? I'm curious what others do with their dying flowers. Comment below to share your ideas! And follow expectingmom_co on Instagram for more activities & inspiration.



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