Heatherlee shares stories about motherhood: the good the bad and the messy!

Calling all doulas!

I’m doing informational interviews with doulas all over the world. Are you a doula who's willing to talk to me for 30-60 minutes (in person or via Skype).


Here’s what I want to learn..
- about your training and transition..
- how did you get started? What did it take? 
- do you juggle other types of work?
- What have been some surprising challenges you've faced?
- What are women missing/needing most in your area?
- What’s your local support system look like?
- What are your favorite birth stories?
- What’s something you wish someone told you at the start?
- Are you doing anything extraordinary to serve women, moms and families?
- How could the healthcare system as a whole better support you in the work you do?

This is independent (casual/conversational) research as I prepare to become a doula myself! Any introductions would be greatly appreciated! 💗 ✨ Email me if you're interested in talking! ( 💗 ✨

With love & gratitude!



Heatherlee is a fearless mom, designer, artist and community maker in St. Paul, MN. She's a doula-in-training, apprentice energy worker and life long learner interested in wellness, social entrepreneurship and the intersection of culture, consciousness and creativity. More about Heatherlee's entry into women's health and birth work, and her career milestones so far.