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What is it? Who's it for? - The Fearless Goddess Collection


I'm days away from seeing the Fearless Goddess collection on shelves!

And today was a special day as I gave away the first Mind Body Soul Pocket Poem. (That's what I'm calling it for lack of a better term). It's the card bracelet buyers can add to their purchase as a gift.

The purpose behind the pocket poem
The intent is when she reads these words she feels so good she wants to cut it out and save it... carry it with her, hang it above her desk or alter. It's like one of those amazing fortunes from a fortune cookie you save as a reminder to view when you really need it.

Maybe it's not so much about the words but also who gave it to her. The meaning behind the gift. What the gift giver chose to write to her, about her.

When I gift a a bracelet I want her to know she means something to me. I want her to feel like a goddess walking around like art, because she is art to me. (Okay that sounds really corny, but it's true. There's something personal about giving jewelry).

I find myself wondering if people will get it when they see it on the shelf. How many people are walking around looking for that perfect gift for that great girl in their life? Will people see it and appreciate this physical way to tell someone, HEY, YOU ARE A GODDESS. Wear this bracelet and remember how awesome you are. To say without saying, I found this and thought of you. You need to know you're an inspiration!

I hope so.

So who is the Fearless Goddess collection for?

It's for the everyday goddess. 

I wrote a lil poem about what an everyday goddess means to me..

The every goddess..
Is fearlessly herself
She's perfectly imperfect
ain't afraid to show it
The girl that doesn't quite fit in
but she knows herself enough
to be from within.
She might have weird hair, or
a crazy sense of style
Never walking that same mile
Her words and ways make you smile
She's taken some sh*t
but still got that smile
She's brave with the times
makes risks and sings rhymes
obviously ahead of her time
reading between tiny lines
Never missing story time
Giving mom, cooking wife
Student of life
Dyes her hair weird or
she shaves it right off
you wouldn't think she loves hip hop
Not afraid to say no, or stop
Alanis, Jewel, Halsey pop
Can't be tamed-
poker face.
Constellations of her face
like a maze
Old and young
She's so much fun
A strong soul with her own beat
She's a drummer girl with four hundred feet
Frida flowers, Rosa's speech
Hand on heart, taking knee
Speaking her mind at any fee
RiRi and Alicia Keys
She believes
in being free
Alessia Cara, Hey Emily Dee
She colors this world with heart & beats
Takes a punch-
then loves right back
She forgives what makes her sad
The baby catchers and healers
The dreamers and believers
She'll stand up to fight
Amplify what's right
Fierce as she, still polite
She likes to follow but tends to lead
Never dissing make believe.
You see her walk in all her power
Like a garden of a million flowers
Planting love in every seed
She believes in people,
and peace.
Lifting other women up
She inspires
She's admired
Talking truths that matter
Like Abby and Ricki
Classic like Bo Beep & Minnie
She cares about others
not about winning
Like Malala making change
Like Mona in a picture frame..
She takes your breath away..
She always makes your day.

The everyday goddess inspires you, leads you, believes in you.
She makes you feel good about yourself.
She makes you want to do better.
She gets you in all your flaws
and she has plenty too.
You two laugh about it, about life.
She's just a normal gal trying to make it.

An everyday angel who cares from the soul. 

She loves like no other.
She moves in unique ways.
Unexpectedly charming.

Maybe you don't even know her that well. Maybe she's just a coworker you admire or your baby cousin who lives states away. You can't quite put your finger on what mesmerizes you.. but there's something about her. There's a reason she walks this earth.. a reason she's in your life. And you want her to know.

You want her to know she's a beautiful, fearless goddess!

This is for the strong, the fearless, the no-namers, no labels no bullsh*t leaders of our world. YOU ARE LOVED.


Saint Paul, I hope you enjoy the Fearless Goddess collection. Not in Minnesota? I sell similar styles on my Etsy shop: 3Leaf Designs. They're perfect midwife or doula gifts, check em out! 

With Love,



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