The Expecting app is being developed by Heatherlee Nguyen, founder of the Naturally Expecting Mom Co. It's set to launch in the spring of 2017!  Say hello via email here.

It's never what you expect is it..


The Backstory: Read why >
The story of Heatherlee's dramatically different birth experiences and why she's launching this app.

The Mission: Read our purpose >
This is more than just an app to Heatherlee, read about the goals she has for all pregnant women. 

About the App: The first release >
The plans for the Expecting app launch in 2017 and beyond. Sign up to beta test!


For all women who are intimately engaged in their pregnancy, for all women who've experienced a traumatic birth, or have been discouraged to go after their VBAC, or who feel disconnected with their body or baby or to the moms around them..
For all the women who want a more active role in their birth.. 
...this app is for you.

Launching this takes a village

Inform the app - Participate in a beta!
Are you pregnant right now? Help us make the app the best it can be. We are looking for moms to interview, to test the prototype, and to send a special gift to at the end of your pregnancy (a test run for how we want to service moms once we launch)!

We're also looking to interview and feature midwives and doulas. Please contact me if you work in this field.

This is going to be a special app, made with love and supported by so many. Sign up to participate if you want in on this exclusive opportunity to help us create the pregnancy app that's been missing!

Just a supporter? 
We want to thank all of our early supporters. Please sign the petition if you believe in my mission and hope to see Expecting in the app store, available to all women.

With love & gratitude,
Heatherlee Nguyen
The Naturally Expecting Mom Co

Inspiration & Resources


The First iteration
Follow the link below to see the first iteration of Expecting. I brought this concept to my company's hackathon, where a group of us hacked on it for 24 hours straight (I was 5 months pregnant!)

It got second place but was never developed. That's why I'm taking the steps to get it developed this year, because women like you need it and babies like yours deserve it.

Expecting 2017 is a newly refined concept, back to its natural roots and I can't wait to bring it to you!