Mission & Vision

This is a mom run company on a mission to empower women, parents and the children at the heart of it all. It's a community inspired by nature's old wisdom & empathy for all.

The Naturally Expecting Mom Co imagines a world where every expectant woman feels empowered and active in her pregnancy and birth, and supported in her transition to motherhood. A time where moms collectively champion their rights, to choose and to lead. To birth and parent according to her own beliefs and instincts.

To connect more moms, more often under a unified vision.

On a mission for moms

After one traumatic birth and one healing birth I wanted to reach more moms to talk about things like birth rights, disempowerment, doubt, informed decision making and mindful parenting.

I started the Naturally Expecting Mom Co. to empower women throughout pregnancy and to connect moms with community.

It's an ongoing conversation to get back to our roots, to mom more intentionally and to practice freedom of choice, body & mind. Ultimately I do what I do for the wellbeing of moms. Whether pregnant or already momming, I'm on a mission to help women from all backgrounds to....


- get more connected to earth
- stay informed and fearless
- feel empowered, strong and balanced  
- be supported physically and emotionally
- practice self expression and reflection
- actively lead their birth/and/or parenting experience
- mindfully transition from pregnant, to birthing, to motherhood
- love their bodies and its inherent abilities
- create more connection with more moms
- mother confidently
- connect with their children in unexpected ways
- bring creativity & empathy into their homes


I believe a well mom breeds a well family.
Happier homes = happier society.

I'm no expert, I'm just a regular mom with drive, passion and a strong spiritual calling to help women, families, and moms from all walks of life own their power, their mind, body and soul. I believe love conquers all and the more we share and connect the more we grow.

On Instagram I write about my experiences, ideas and new product updates surrounding pregnancy, birth, motherhood, mindfulness and our youth/our future.

Hope to connect with you there @expectingmom_co.




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