The Expecting App

We are at the beginning stages of building this app and plan to launch next spring! Please help us collect feedback by spreading the word and sharing this link. Submit a note below if you're pregnant, we'd love to hear from you!

For a mindful pregnancy and birth

The Expecting App is the only pregnancy app
focused solely on the mind, body, soul of a woman. There's so much advice out there, but we believe a mother's inner wisdom is the true guide. 



Mindfulness & Intent
The purpose of our app is to deepen a woman's connection with her body, creating an openness that will positively impact her pregnancy and birth.

Tracking Memories
We want to provide a safe and engaging place for women to store her pregnancy memories and photos, memories that can be kept private or shared. 

Telling the Story
The Mindful Memories book that Heatherlee curates (for those who opt-in) will celebrate a woman's journey through visual storytelling other brands don't offer.

A gift from a mom for a mom
Heatherlee is personally designing these books so that each book is one of a kind and reflects the individuality of each mom and each birth.



Expecting is expected to launch in the spring of 2017!  Follow along on Twitter @ExpectingMom_Co to hear about progress as we prepare for the birth of our app!

What functionality are you looking for in the naturally expecting pregnancy app?
(You can remain anonymous but I would love an email in case I need more clarification, and to send a thanks!)
Would you be interested in testing the design and usability of this app before it's launched to the public?
(These design reviews and testing will be done via email and video chats)